Awful Superhero Halloween Costumes I’d Love To See – Invisible Woman

I remembered this costume well from my youth. See if you can tell why:

invisible woman slutty costume 1

It took me a bit to find some decent pics of what apparently is referred to by fanboys as Invisible Woman’s “Slut Uniform,” but find them I did.

I think the best part of the new costume’s (ahem) reveal is Reed’s totally blase take:

invisible woman slutty costume 2

It’s nice?! It’s NICE?! THE ROOF?!?! Reed, honey, step away from the computer.

Anyway, I dunno how feasible this would be to make, but someone needs to make this happen. PRONTO!

OK, one more shot just for old time’s sake:

invisible woman slutty costume 3

BTW, don’t miss Zebra Batman, Bug Catcher Spidey or Underwater Wonder Woman!

Fantastic Four Vs. The Frightful Four Coloring Book – 1983

fantastic four coloring book cover

I love old coloring books, but I especially love old superhero coloring books. And the goofier they are the better!

Take this 1983 Fantastic Four vs. The Frightful Four for example:

fantastic four coloring book thing 2

You’ve got to love the Hulk magazine that The Thing is reading, but my favorite parts are the photos of Dr. Doom and The Mole Man (?) on the wall.

fantastic four coloring book hotrod 3

You’d think that a guy who can light himself on fire and fly would get enough thrills, but apparently he needs a fast car too. With flames on it no less! Hee-hee!

fantastic four coloring book breakfast 4

And what excitable boy doesn’t want to color breakfast!? WOO! Pancakes to power! Toast to speed!

Aren’t those fun!? Anyway, feel free to click here and download a PDF of the whole thing.


Lately I’ve been back into comic books.

It started about a year or so ago while looking for graphic novels at the library. I ran across The Ultimates which I liked very much. The art is wonderful (so much better than what I remember from being a kid) and the stories are, well, more adult.


Everyone is re-imagined (I hate that word, but it fits here) in interesting ways. Giant Man and Wasp have some serious domestic issues, Thor is a seemingly crazy eco-hippie, the Hulk is maleness magnified a hundred fold… Neat stuff.

It got me into the whole Ultimate imprint of Marvel comics. I usually wait for the hardcover collections to come out, and I follow Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate Fantastic Four and The Ultimates.

I also recently followed the whole Civil War thingy (disappointing though it was), and I’m buying the nine issue series, Ultimate Power. It’s hard to ignore when Sue Storm looks like this:


While the art and stories are generally more interesting and geared toward adults (OK, man-children), also interesting is how the ads have changed.

Gone are the X-ray specs and sea monkeys. Video games and movies remain, but there’s an awful lot of car ads. And a recent ad with a woman sensuously licking an ice cream cone for Old Spice (yes, Old Spice!) strikes me as very adult.

And it’s all cool. I like reading them, and it’s nice to see the medium matured. But it’s harder and harder to find a comic for my son that I feel comfortable with him reading.

He’s three and loves loves LOVES superheroes. Captain American especially.

I’ve tried the supposed all-ages comics, but there’s an awful lot of violence in them, and he has plenty of time to be desensitized to that by TV down the road.

With the kids-related toy lines, and the Marvel babies yet to come, you’d think there’d be friendlier stuff for a kid his age.

Anyway, it’s cool to be somewhat back into comics again. And I’m looking forward to sharing them more with my son down the road.

What a long way they’ve come.

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