Fantastic Four Vs. The Frightful Four Coloring Book – 1983

fantastic four coloring book cover

I love old coloring books, but I especially love old superhero coloring books. And the goofier they are the better!

Take this 1983 Fantastic Four vs. The Frightful Four for example:

fantastic four coloring book thing 2

You’ve got to love the Hulk magazine that The Thing is reading, but my favorite parts are the photos of Dr. Doom and The Mole Man (?) on the wall.

fantastic four coloring book hotrod 3

You’d think that a guy who can light himself on fire and fly would get enough thrills, but apparently he needs a fast car too. With flames on it no less! Hee-hee!

fantastic four coloring book breakfast 4

And what excitable boy doesn’t want to color breakfast!? WOO! Pancakes to power! Toast to speed!

Aren’t those fun!? Anyway, feel free to click here and download a PDF of the whole thing.