My Bug-Catcher Spiderman

So last week I found both a Fisherman Spiderman and a Bug Catcher Spiderman on Ebay. Sadly, I lost out on the fisherman variety, but the apparent self-hating ironic latter is now mine!

To celebrate, I thought I’d post some close-ups. Enjoy!

Img 0396-1

Here’s Spidey at the ready with his net and insect guide

Img 0388

The last thing unlucky bugs see

Img 0384

Love the hat!

Img 0386

Insect guide or menu – you be the judge

(BTW, no spiders included)

Img 0392

It’s the little things that make this toy great

Img 0393

Torso close-up

Img 0390-1


Img 0395

From behind

Img 0385

The boots actually come on and off. Dig the detailing

Img 0380

The boot from behind

Img 0399

Today’s catch. Look closely and count the legs…


From the back of the packaging

Img 0400

Spidey takes his rightful place in my office

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3 thoughts on “My Bug-Catcher Spiderman”

  1. Okay Markus,

    I have a couple of comments for you! First of all, you really made me laugh…thanks for sharing!

    Secondly, Spidey is one hot guy! Does he use a Bow-Flex or what? He is ripped! Those abs…those calves! Who knew?

    Finally, spiders are not insects…they are arachnids! And I would hope spiders would not be on the guide/menu. That just seems creepy…eating your own kind! ew!

    Thanks again for sharing, you really made me laugh. And I am glad you haven't grown up (too much!)

    Love, Dodo

  2. I saw these at toy fair a few years back

    you have to find the LifeGuard and the Fire fighter….

    sooo funny!

    great blog


  3. Thanks!

    I had Archery Spidey and Fisherman Spidey, but I gave them to the boy to play with.

    Have you seen beach volleyball Spidey? That one ROCKS!

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