Torgo LIVE!


One of my favorite shows is Mystery Science Theater 3000, and “Manos, the Hands of Fate” is probably the single best episode they ever did.

So I’m excited, curious, and a little afraid to see that the National Pastime Theater here in Chicago is putting on “Manos, Rock Opera of Fate” until November 3rd.

Dare I go?! And who will take take of our place while the master is away!?

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MST3K + Chad Vader = I’m In Heaven

I forget exactly who turned me on to Chad Vader, but it’s one of those ideas that’s so well executed that even had I thought of it, I could never have pulled it off as well.

A recent episode shows Chad working with the RiffTrax folks (MST3K alum and personal heroes Mike Nelson and Kevin Murphy) on the second of the God awful Star Wars prequels, “Attack of the Clones.”

Is it just me or did Murphy looks a lot like Billy Joel in that video?

Anyway, here’s a short look at the results:

(Hat tip to Satellite News!)

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Watch Out For Snakes!

I’m such a huge fan (250 pounds!) of Mystery Science Theater 3000, so I was very excited when the good folks at Drawn! pointed out this collection of MST3K posters. What a hoot!

It reminded me of this great Eegah-themed site I found while wasting time pretending to work at one of my day jobs some years ago.


(OK, so this post is not exactly cartoon related, but at least it was inspired by an artsy sorta site. Kinda a six degrees of separation thing…)

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