Torgo LIVE!


One of my favorite shows is Mystery Science Theater 3000, and “Manos, the Hands of Fate” is probably the single best episode they ever did.

So I’m excited, curious, and a little afraid to see that the National Pastime Theater here in Chicago is putting on “Manos, Rock Opera of Fate” until November 3rd.

Dare I go?! And who will take take of our place while the master is away!?

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3 thoughts on “Torgo LIVE!”

  1. So, this is a movie that was turned into a parody TV show that's been turned into a musical? How are they going to do that signature shot of the camera going through all those cool, numbered outer space airlock doors live on stage?!?!

  2. This has an ominous feel about it. You post about the sinister hands of fate, and then…nothing. The Anderson blog falls silent as a graveyard.

  3. Hey there guys!

    Yeah between a plumbing problem that would financially cripple a small nation, a dead hard drive and taking Bonnie to the emergency room (she's fine), it's been kinda a rough few days.

    In the "hard to complain" file, I've also been deluged with custom work in the last few days as well.


    Oh, and Torgo is trying to murder me in my dreams.

    There's that too.

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