Things I Wish I’d Known Starting Out

Mike Lynch’s recent blogs on submitting and whatnot got me commenting that I wished there’d been this sort of information easily available when I was starting out 10 years ago.

So, for the record, here’s some tips for those of you just beginning:

  • There is no standard gag cartoon size – don’t even think about it.
  • Get a Mac – save yourself the headaches.
  • Do what you think is funny – OK, you gotta do business cartoons for HBR, and you can’t always be bashing management (AKA the readers), but don’t try to figure out a market’s formula or slant. Make yourself laugh and let the markets fall where they may.
  • Good writing carries bad art – work on your drawing, but, above all, work on your writing. Good writing is so much rarer then good draftsmanship.
  • The Artists Market books are a waste of time – that is unless you’re looking to do lots of glass-making themed cartoons and be paid in copies.
  • Cartoon editors aren’t what you think – often they’re committees, or interns, or, I dunno, whomever. But, in general, cartoons aren’t top priority, and there’s nobody with the sign “Cartoon Editor” on their posh corner office door. Also, cartoon editors change all the time, so get used to it. A good cartoon editor is rare; love them while you can.

There. A little post Columbus Day realism for ya! Enjoy!

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No! NO! It’s too early!!!

…for people to begin hating my Magoo review!

Until I read your slam I had no idea Tiny Tim was Gerald McBoing-Boing. I was far too young for Gerald. If ever I noticed a resemblance in later years I just figured it was UPA stylization.

OK, not so hateful. In fact, kinda bland. But still, people are looking for this damn movie already?! AAAUUUGGGHHH!!!

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