The Price Is… Where?!

Having just read a slew of articles on business transparency, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret; I’ve been hiding money at

It’s not nearly as sinister as I’ve made it sound. Take a look:


See how there’s no pricing listed? The idea is/was to get you to choose your usage, and then show you the cost in the cart to avoid people simply picking the cheapest option every time.


I’ve been wondering, though, if perhaps this isn’t a hinderance to customers.

I mean, it is kinda off-putting, and it gives off a very “I don’t trust you to be honest” vibe.

Plus, how many folks are just confused? And it really doesn’t stop users from finding the lowest cost and choosing that should they wish to.

So, recently I changed it to this:


We’ll see how it goes, but I’d love any thoughts, opinions, or limericks you’d care to share regarding this.


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MST3K + Chad Vader = I’m In Heaven

I forget exactly who turned me on to Chad Vader, but it’s one of those ideas that’s so well executed that even had I thought of it, I could never have pulled it off as well.

A recent episode shows Chad working with the RiffTrax folks (MST3K alum and personal heroes Mike Nelson and Kevin Murphy) on the second of the God awful Star Wars prequels, “Attack of the Clones.”

Is it just me or did Murphy looks a lot like Billy Joel in that video?

Anyway, here’s a short look at the results:

(Hat tip to Satellite News!)

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Gag Written

My blog a few days ago about gag writing seemed to really get people talking.

Neal Quigley noted it here and here, EffingComics notied it here, and a lot of good folks emailed, phoned and commented to me about it.

Honestly, I thought it was sort of an easy blog, but turns out it’s a subject not many people talk about.

Not to sound like an after-school TV special, but if you’d like to read more on this subject, check out The Cartoonist’s Muse. I’ve mentioned it here before, but it’s so good I’m gonna keep mentioning it until everyone gets a copy.

Anyway, glad everyone liked that post so much.

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