Best Of The Andertoons Cartoon Blog

Welcome to the Best of the Andertoons Cartoon Blog. Below you’ll find what I consider the cream of the cartoon crop of my long blogging career. Enjoy!

The Business of Cartooning:

16 Awesome Websites, Apps & Tools for Web Cartoonists

The Gag Cartoonist’s Business Plan

5 Comic Topics That Sell Best

Cartooning Do’s & Don’ts

Creativity Q & A

Cartooning Q & A

Angry Cartoonists

Why I’m A Cartoonist

Drawing Cartoons:

Sketching (Video)

Inking Cartoons (Video)

Shading Cartoons With Markers (Video)

Cartoon Shading in Photoshop (Video)

How I Draw Comics (Video)

My Cartoon Process

Things I Hate to Draw

5 Common Comic Art Mistakes

A Cartoonist’s Tools

Writing Cartoons:

How I Write Cartoons (Video)

Editing A Cartoon Caption (Video)

Naked Comics

Writing Cartoon Gags

Brevity Is…

Cartoon Writing Mistakes To Avoid


Custom Cartoons:

Creating Custom Cartoons (Video)

Custom Cartoons – Why & How They Work

Custom Comics – Marketing Magic

Custom Cartoon Examples

Where To Use Custom Cartoons

Five Things To Avoid When Commissioning A Custom Cartoon

Using Cartoons:

iBooks Author Tutorial

Blogger’s Block? Think Like a Cartoonist!

Cartoons & Content Marketing

Business Comics Mean Business

How To Use Cartoons To Instantly Make Any Presentation Awesome!

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