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Here’s the best of breed in fun/goofy from the Andertoons Cartoon Blog:

How To Draw Tutorials

How to draw Batman

How to draw a cat

How to draw R2D2

How to draw a bunny

How to draw a leprechaun

How to draw an elephant

Just For Fun:

2012 MetLife Cartoon Superbowl Commercial – Characters, Errors & Where Waldo Is

It’s Fun To Be A Batman

1966 Captain America Coloring Book

Superhero Merchandise Catalogs – 1975, 1976-1, 1976-2, 1977

1991 Captain America Anti-Drug Comic Book

Popeye Edu-U Card Flip Animation

1977 Shazam Color A Deck Card Game

1975 Wonder Woman Faces the Menace of the Mole Men Coloring Book

Wonder Woman Wonderful Puzzles

1983 Fantastic Four Vs. The Frightful Four Coloring Book

1983 Avengers Coloring/Puzzle Book

1981 Spider-Man Mad Libs

Captain Marvel Jr. Ski Jump Paper Toy

All of my Cartoon Cards on Flickr

Andertoons Animated 1 & 2

Graphing Graph Cartoons

4th Best Donut Ever

Ultimate Comic Sans


LEGO Alphabet Spaceship A-Z

LEGO Charlie Brown Line Art

LEGO Pigeon (Mo Willems)

Alice Otterloop in LEGO

R2D2 LEGO Mosaic

LEGO Catwoman Line Art

LEGO Spider-Man vs. The Lizard

LEGO Futurama Robot Santa Claus

Unnecessary LEGO Batman Vehicles

Christmas Cartoons & Comics

“Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol” – Review

1951 Popular Comics Holiday Greeting Cards

Chester Cheer & Gregory the Green Deer

1941 Eisner Christmas – The Spirit, Lady Luck, Mr. Mystic

1958 Spaceman Discovers Christmas

Halloween Cartoons & Comics

Cartoon Cards on Flickr – Archie, Marvel, Widget, The Simpsons

Valentine’s Day Cartoons & Comics

1966 Batman Valentines

Bossk Loves Gorn

SuperFriends Action Valentine Playbook

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