How To Draw A Cartoon Elephant – Tutorial

I remember as a kid I used to love those Ed Emberly‘s how-to-draw books. I’m sure I still use some of the ideas I learned from those.

And it’s in that spirit that I’m starting another new feature here at the cartoon blog, How To Draw tutorial infographics!

First up is how to draw a cartoon elephant! (Click on the image below to enlarge it.)

how to draw cartoon elephant 480

Not bad, huh? It’s amazing what you can accomplish with basic shapes and letter forms! Feel free to grab it, use it, and pass it around. (If you post it I’d of course appreciate a link back.)

For testing purposes, and a bit of fun, I asked my kids to take a crack at the elephant to see how it worked. Here are their drawings:

cartoon elephant 1

My 5-year-old girl’s

cartoon elephant 2

My 8-year-old boy’s

Pretty good if I do say so myself!!

So there you go! Now you can draw your very own cartoon elephant! Go forth and trumpet all about your new talent!

(BTW, I’ve also got some elephant cartoons if you’re interested.)

1 thought on “How To Draw A Cartoon Elephant – Tutorial”

  1. Fun! 8 steps is as long as my attention span can handle. Works great for me. My ears turned into more of a question mark curve, which I think is the African Elephant larger ear.


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