Examples of Custom Cartoons

Custom cartoons are a large part of my business here at Andertoons, and, of course, there’s a gallery showcasing some examples in the custom cartoon portion of the site, but I wanted to showcase a few examples of work I’ve done for clients and go a little more in depth.

We’ll start with this cartoon that I did for a client that makes software:

custom cartoons example 1

This was a few years back when the idea of cloud computing was just gaining traction. My client actually suggested something very similar and I ended up tweaking it just a bit. The end product was a calendar of software related cartoons that they gave out to their clients as a thank you.

custom cartoons example 2

I did a whole series of custom cartoons for a company that manufactured in-home intercom systems. Every month they’d include it in their newsletter which was targeted at installers and technicians.

My client was great about suggesting topics, especially since I didn’t know a lot about intercoms to begin with, and we came up with some really fun stuff that was quite popular. They had to cut the cartoons after the housing bubble burst and construction went kablooey, but it was fun while it lasted.

custom cartoons example 3

This is a cartoon I did for a company that produces a special type of hospital gown. It not only covers you up (unlike most gowns), but it attaches to a device that pumps in warm air. It’s really neat!

We did a whole series of these and I think I wrote 55 hospital gown jokes that we whittled down to a nice dozen. The color was fun to do, as was the plumber butt.

The next two cartoons are a good example of how a subtle change can make all of the difference to a client.

Take this first one:

custom cartoons example 4

This was done for an online training company. The joke is good, and the scene reads well, but the client was concerned that the person at the computer didn’t look young enough. So I made a few small changes:

custom cartoons example 5

I think they were dead on and I was happy to make the change.

custom cartoons example 6

Another one that a company used in a calendar of custom cartoons. They wanted to have some fun with project planning and flowcharts, and I must admit that, based on my days in corporate America, this rings fairly true. Especially when doughnuts were rumored.

OK, last one:

custom cartoons example 7

This cartoon was for an IT publication targeted at, you guessed it, IT people.

While I have some proficiency in the tech world, I’m certainly no expert, but I suspect that this has happened sometime, somewhere.

Hope you enjoyed a more detailed look at the process, and feel free to check out my custom cartoons section of the the site. Cartoons are great for getting your point across in a novel, fun, and engaging way, as I’m sure my clients for the above cartoons can attest.