The Marketing Magic of Custom Cartoons

custom cartoons

People like to laugh.

The worst days at the office, at home and in traffic, the biggest setbacks, the most embarrassing failures, the only reason we can get through them is because they’re funny later on, when we sit down and really think about it. Humor is the saving grace of life.

That’s why comics have remained relevant over time. A hundred years after the invention of movies, nearly that long since the invention of television and quite a bit longer since the invention of radio, people still stand up and take notice of a cartoon. Which is why a custom cartoon featuring your company and/or product is a great choice for businesses looking to get noticed.

Think About It

What do you do with a flyer that’s loaded with boring text for you to read? Toss it in the trash. What do you do when someone hands you a brochure with boring pictures of whatever they’re selling? Toss it in the trash. What do you do when you get your hands on one of those religious comics people hand out? … You probably give it at least a cursory read, don’t you?

Cartoons are fun, they grab your attention, they tell a story. We have an immediate connection with them. A book needs to be read, a movie needs to be watched, custom cartoons need only a few seconds of your attention in order to be understood. In a professional context, their immediate nature gets a point across right away.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

One of the great things about custom cartoons are their viral nature. Before the Internet, cartoons were the closest we had to viral videos. People would pin them up on the corkboard at work or tape them somewhere in their office. Images that reflect every day life, that show us something we can relate to, these are the comics that people like to make sure everybody sees.

That’s something that only cartoons can do: immediately transmit an idea, on sight, from one person to another. It’s almost magic. Why not get a little magic of your own? Find out more about my custom cartoons!