Creating Custom Cartoons

Here’s a short video to show you how I create custom cartoons. Enjoy:

Video Transcript –

Hi, I’m Mark Anderson of and this is a short video about how I work with clients to create custom cartoons.

We’re going to start here with an example of sort of a generic finished cartoon. I’ll read the caption here for you:

“As you can see, thanks to Product X, sales are through the roof! On a side note, the roofers will be here on Thursday.”

Now I’m going to show you how this cartoon was created in three easy steps: writing, sketches, and of course the final art. Let’s begin with writing.


The way I start is by asking a client for a few ideas to work with. This can be some words or phrases, perhaps a product or attributes of that product, the company, or perhaps the entire industry.

From there I’ll brainstorm a number of ideas and whittle that down to what I think are the three best, and I will email them over.

From here a client will pick one and often there is a little bit of tweaking to be done here or there. Of course we’re going to work until we get the caption exactly right and exactly what you want, that’s no problem at all.

Once we have that we move on to the sketches.


Now for the purpose of this short video I’m just going to show you one pencil sketch to sort of give you the idea of what you would be receiving.

Often I get what the client is looking for on the first try, but if I don’t that’s not a problem, we can go back and fix and change things until you’re happy.

This is the time to make larger changes to the cartoon. So if you want to change a character, or the background, or anything else in the art of the cartoon, this is the time to do it.

We’ll keep working on it until we get it exactly right, and then we’ll move on to the final art.

Final Art

This is where I take our original pencil sketch, and turn it into this, the final cartoon.

As you can see the caption is typeset, the art has been inked and it’s crisp and clear, and we can either do a traditional sophisticated gray ink wash like this, or of course we can do it in color.

Once the final cartoon is approved I will email it over as a large JPEG. It will be 300 DPI.

You can use this in advertising, in your newsletter, in your presentation; lots of great ways to use these cartoons.

So to recap you can get your own custom cartoon in just three easy steps: the writing, the sketch, and the final art. And you end up with a great cartoon customized to your needs that’s engaging, memorable, and, of course, easy to share.

Thanks so much for watching this, and feel free to contact me at for a reasonable quote on your very own custom cartoon.

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