Police Squad – In Color!

I just got my copy of the new “Police Squad” DVD yesterday, and I’m in heaven.

To whomever greenlighted this release – thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

A typical series of sight gags:





A nice set up with the first set of feet, and then a series of great gags that makes the cartoonist in me go “Damn! Why haven’t I thought of that?!” And that’s about the best compliment I can give.

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4 thoughts on “Police Squad – In Color!”

  1. "Is this some kinda bust?"

    I gotta re-watch those, especially now that there are bells & whistles (commentaries and so on) along with the shows.

    "Police Squad — IN COLOR!"

    Always funny!

  2. I loved that show. I read somewhere that it lasted for six or so episodes, which seems like a short run…but for a show revisiting the same theme in every episode, working jokes on the same cliches, it's possible that six episodes was the perfect length.

    My favorite bit was always the ending. And of those, I think the best was the one with a guy walking into the squad room while the credits roll and everyone else is frozen. He's puzzled at first, and then he tried to fit in by freezing as well.

  3. My favorite was Johnny the shoe shine guy dispensing advice to heads of state, feminists, surgeons, fire fighters…

    Great show!

  4. Sorry it took me a bit to get back here…

    Yeah, maybe it's best that it stopped so quickly. I remember those gags fondly instead of thinking "that got old fast…"

    I think my favorite Johnny moment is Dr. Joyce Brothers!

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