Mark Heath posted this video the other day, saying…

“If you’ve ever wondered what I look like in the throes of creation, when I’ve been staring at a blank sheet of paper for a few hours, here you go. A short bit of video that captures me perfectly, right down to the unshaven face.”

This is more my style when I’m at a loss:

And this is just plain odd:

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4 thoughts on “Cats!”

  1. Heehee!! Those cats are nuts. Fry has discovered the toilet…he loves to play in there…weird!! I should tape it!

  2. I didn't know you had a cat down there! Dig the Futurama-inspired moniker!

    I'm also taping our cat Giz. So far I've got 29 hours of shedding on the couch and about 2 minuts of lamp knocking over.

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