Mark Heath posted this video the other day, saying…

“If you’ve ever wondered what I look like in the throes of creation, when I’ve been staring at a blank sheet of paper for a few hours, here you go. A short bit of video that captures me perfectly, right down to the unshaven face.”

This is more my style when I’m at a loss:

And this is just plain odd:

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Chocolate Cartoon – Part 5 (Final)

Well, here it is – the end of the road.

You might remember I was working on a cartoon about chocolate. It took a few different incarnations, and a lot of great advice from my loyal readers, but I think you’ll agree that the final art turned out nice:

 Cartoon Blog Chocolate-Cartoon-2

Now to end the mystery; why all the fuss about a chocolate cartoon?! I’ll let the pictures below get us started:

Img 2312-1

Img 2313-1

Img 2315-1

That’s right, my chocolate cartoon is actually a chocolate cartoon!

Each year I try to come up with an out-of-the-ordinary gift for my clients (last year it was Andertoons hot sauce) to thank them for their business. And, although chocolate isn’t necessarily unique, I think having one of my cartoons cut into the bar is pretty neat.

I’m really pleased with the end product! Here’s a few close-ups:

Img 2316

Img 2317

The final product is 9″ x 5″ and eight ounces of Belgian chocolate.

Now the big question – how’s it taste?

Good. Really good.

Anyway, thanks again everyone for your input! I think these are gonna be one of my best year-end gifts yet!

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