Andertoons on My PSP

I’m a mid-thirties male, so it kinda goes without saying that I’m into video games.

I wouldn’t say I’m a hardcore gamer; I’m not playing against or with anyone online in an MMORPG (I actually had to look that up, and to be honest, I’m still not sure I got it right), I’ve never played Halo, or Final Fantasy, and I let my X-Men game take care of leveling me up and all that because I have no idea what it’s talking about. But I do like games!

So recently I bought myself a Sony PSP. I know, I coulda/shoulda waited for the PS3 or the Wii, but in a house with two kids, I needed a game system I could tote around more easily.

For the past few weeks I’ve been happily playing Loco Roco and X-Men Legends II, but I’ve been noticing that this little gadget has a lot more to it.

With the wife at a craft fair and both kids napping, I took the opportunity to try out the browser on this and hook it up to my wireless router.

It’s slow. Really slow so far, but I did manage to bring up everyone’s favorite cartoon website!

Img 2311

Img 2310

Img 2309

Neat huh?

OK, the layout’s kinda screwy here and there, and, again, it’s painfully slow, but it’s pretty damned cool all the same.

And it’s getting my head swirling with all sorts of possibilities! Between iPods and PSPs and whatever the Zune ends up turning out like, this sort of instant personal media bodes well for cartoonists.

OK, back to Loco Roco!

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