Andertoons Redesign(!) – Part 3

200Px-NewcokeOK, after a good night of sleep, some coffee, and some fresh eyes (I hate using that phrase now, but it’s true), I still sorta like that last design. But only kinda.

After a good long conversation with my wife, I think I’m gonna leave the site just like it is.

I’ve gotten so many people writing to say how much they liked it, that it seems silly to make any sweeping changes just to satisfy my need to redecorate.

And that’s really what it was I think. I look at the site every day, and after a while I start to get bored with it.

Every six months or so I dig into Photoshop for a weekend and totally redesign the thing from scratch. The wrinkle this time is that I could actually do it within my plans without a lot of extra cost.

It’s kinda like a puzzle. My wife digs sudoku, and I like to make an 800 x 600 box that looks attractive, has everything I need, and functions well.

Anyway, the site works wonderfully as is, and everyone seems to like it (myself included), so let’s just call this whole redesign thing closed.

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