Paul Conrad on PBS

Home PicI set the DVR for this immediately:

“Paul Conrad: Drawing Fire,” airing on PBS’ “Independent Lens” series (check local listings for time) shows the three-time Pulitzer Prize winner with his combative liberal spirit intact.

Here’s a little more:

The film captures Conrad’s outrage at what he regards as the trespasses of the powerful and the sheer delight he takes in skewering them.

His career began when political cartooning flourished in newspapers. Now only about 3 percent of daily papers have cartoonists on staff, according to an expert quoted in the documentary from Barbara Multer-Wellin and Jeffrey Abelson.

The shrinking number dismays Conrad. And he’s no fan of those who have abandoned the traditional single-panel cartoon for a comic-strip approach.

“It’s dialogue, long conversations, from one panel to another. Some have a political point but when you get finished reading them you knew that in the beginning. So what am I doing reading ’em?” he said.

I can’t wait! Go set your DVRs now!


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