Les Widget Andertoons

One of the craziest parts of having my cartoons online is finding stuff about them in different languages.

I took a little French in college, but I can’t translate all of this:

Affichez sur votre blog une bande-dessinée différente chaque jour, selon un catégorie que vous aurez choisit précédement. Les BD Andertoons sont utilisées dans le célèbre Reader’s Digest, dans le Wall Street Journal et dès maintenant sur votre blog Typepad.

Another blog has this to say:

pour faire apparaître une bande-dessinée chaque jour

Anyone know enough French to help me out?

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3 thoughts on “Les Widget Andertoons”

  1. In my experience those language tools only work if you believe all non-english speakers talk gibberish all the time.

  2. I looked at Google's language tool and got this:

    "Post on your blog one band-drawn different each day, according to a category which you will have chooses précédement. The data bases Andertoons are used in famous Reader' S Digest, Wall Street Journal and as of now on your blog Typepad."

    Which is kinda weird in spots. Especially "band-drawn". I'm guessing "bande-dessinée" is the French equivalent of cartoon? And maybe "BD" is short for "bande-dessinée"?

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