Jo’s Plumbing

OK, I don’t remember who hipped me to Jo’s Plumbing, but I have to admit, it’s oddly enticing and revolting all at once.

It’s an interactive site for Kohler toilets in which a sexy plumber, Jo, saucily shifts her hips, and flushes things down the toilet for you.

Here’s a few poses:



What exactly will she flush? What WON’T she?!

Little shampoo bottles:


Dog food:


And my personal favorite, a nearby bra:


You’re then treated to Jo congratulating you with phrases like “That was fun! Again!” , “What else you got?” and my favorite, “Ooh… That was fun!”


Of course, should you leave her alone too long she gets pouty and bored:


And needs to stretch:



And if you mouse over just the right spot, you get a giggly, “Stop tickling!”

I’m not kidding.

I can just see the meeting where this was green-lighted…

“So this hottie stands there, and, this was Todd’s ideas… flushes stuff for you!”

“Oh, that’s hot!”

“Like what? What’s she gonna flush? She gonna cop a squat or something?”

“Jesus, Ted! No! Like, I dunno, soap and… towels and… stuff. Bathroom kinda stuff. Except for, you know, real bathroom stuff. No #1 or BMs.”

“Hey, how about dog food! That kinda looks like a BM.”

“Hey yeah! That way we don’t have to show an actual turd! Good one, Eileen!”

“They still make that gravy kind?”

“Ooh, you know what’d be sexy? She flushes… wait for it… her bra!”

“Oh yeah!” “Schweet!” “Talk to me!”

“Wait, so she’s gonna take off her bra and flush it?! Can we do that?”

“OK, maybe there’s one just lying around in there. It’s one of them naughty bathrooms.”

“Oh, OK. So were’ good then?”


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Face It Tiger, You Need A Life

Apparently there’s been quite a bit of press regarding this:

 Mas Assets Jpg 6818 Press12-001

It’s some sort of limited statue thingy that fanboy collectors get nerd-ons over.

This from Fox “News”:

Spider-Man is one lucky guy.

His girlfriend Mary Jane does his laundry, has a lot of cleavage and wears a cute little pink thong that sticks out of her jeans. At least that’s the image one comic-book illustrator portrays in a new collectable statue that has the comic blogosphere up in arms.

Sideshow Collectibles’ Mary Jane Comiquette is more than 14 inches of buxom Mary Jane. But the sight of Spidey’s gal spilling out of her clothes over a load of super wash has some calling the $125 collectable a sexist piece of trash.

“The statue represents a big step backwards for those concerned about the state and future of comic books,” said blogger Sleestak, under a May 11 posting titled “Mary Jane, the Other White Meat.”

Illustrator Adam Hughes created the limited edition statue, described as “Mary Jane discover[ing] that her superhero husband has slipped some of his laundry into the mix, but she’s not looking too displeased about Peter’s naughty little transgression.”

So here’s what I can get from this. People are mad because:

  1. MJ is bent over and showing cleavage
  2. She’s doing Peter’s laundry


I don’t mean to shock anyone, but check out a Cosmo next time you’re buying milk. It’s chock full of boobs.

And suggesting a spouse might wash clothes in addition to his/her own? Well that’s just awful. (Note to self – from now now my wife rinses her own damn dishes!)

Honestly people, this is barely interesting, and it’s surely not news. It’s a pin-up paperweight that appeals to comic book guys. Get over it.

That being said, here’s some more gratuitous pics:

 Mas Assets Jpg 6818 Press10-001

 Mas Assets Jpg 6818 Press02-001

 Mas Assets Jpg 6818 Press04-001

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