7 thoughts on “Erin Gray… Sigh…”

  1. I wonder what she's up to now. Twiggy probably tossed her in a dumpster…

    I just did an IMDB on her and she's actually been pretty dang busy! My bad. lol

  2. For me, it was Brit actress Jenny Agutter in the LOGAN'S RUN movie with her loose fitting tunic threatening to a wardrobe malfunction big time in funky futuristic 70s style, baby!

  3. Erin Gray is without a doubt, the most beautiful women in a Sci Fi series EVER! Better than Tricia Helfer in the New Battlestar, anyone in Tron, or Logans run! I was born in 72, and I still haven't seen a woman like Erin Gray! God bless her!!

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