Jo’s Plumbing

OK, I don’t remember who hipped me to Jo’s Plumbing, but I have to admit, it’s oddly enticing and revolting all at once.

It’s an interactive site for Kohler toilets in which a sexy plumber, Jo, saucily shifts her hips, and flushes things down the toilet for you.

Here’s a few poses:



What exactly will she flush? What WON’T she?!

Little shampoo bottles:


Dog food:


And my personal favorite, a nearby bra:


You’re then treated to Jo congratulating you with phrases like “That was fun! Again!” , “What else you got?” and my favorite, “Ooh… That was fun!”


Of course, should you leave her alone too long she gets pouty and bored:


And needs to stretch:



And if you mouse over just the right spot, you get a giggly, “Stop tickling!”

I’m not kidding.

I can just see the meeting where this was green-lighted…

“So this hottie stands there, and, this was Todd’s ideas… flushes stuff for you!”

“Oh, that’s hot!”

“Like what? What’s she gonna flush? She gonna cop a squat or something?”

“Jesus, Ted! No! Like, I dunno, soap and… towels and… stuff. Bathroom kinda stuff. Except for, you know, real bathroom stuff. No #1 or BMs.”

“Hey, how about dog food! That kinda looks like a BM.”

“Hey yeah! That way we don’t have to show an actual turd! Good one, Eileen!”

“They still make that gravy kind?”

“Ooh, you know what’d be sexy? She flushes… wait for it… her bra!”

“Oh yeah!” “Schweet!” “Talk to me!”

“Wait, so she’s gonna take off her bra and flush it?! Can we do that?”

“OK, maybe there’s one just lying around in there. It’s one of them naughty bathrooms.”

“Oh, OK. So were’ good then?”


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4 thoughts on “Jo’s Plumbing”

  1. "Do YOU come with the toilet?"

    "Oh, you! Ha ha!"

    "Do YOU come with the toilet?"

    "Oh, you! Ha ha!"


    Jo's Plumbing, need I say it, is one of the signs of the apocalypse!

  2. OK, here's another thing – why do all women in traditionally masculine jobs all have to be named Jo?

    There's Jo on Eureka, Jo from Facts of Life…

    My personal favorite woman with a man's name was Sam from Bewitched. I thought that was so cool when I was a kid, and, frankly, it's still cool now.

    Oh, one more thing. I actually do have one of these toilets and the thing is AWESOME!

    Let's just say it's been put through its paces, and always performs admirably.

  3. I think you need to branch out into humor writing, Mark. (Besides cartoon captions, I mean). Your imaginary meeting was hilarious.

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