Face It Tiger, You Need A Life

Apparently there’s been quite a bit of press regarding this:

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It’s some sort of limited statue thingy that fanboy collectors get nerd-ons over.

This from Fox “News”:

Spider-Man is one lucky guy.

His girlfriend Mary Jane does his laundry, has a lot of cleavage and wears a cute little pink thong that sticks out of her jeans. At least that’s the image one comic-book illustrator portrays in a new collectable statue that has the comic blogosphere up in arms.

Sideshow Collectibles’ Mary Jane Comiquette is more than 14 inches of buxom Mary Jane. But the sight of Spidey’s gal spilling out of her clothes over a load of super wash has some calling the $125 collectable a sexist piece of trash.

“The statue represents a big step backwards for those concerned about the state and future of comic books,” said blogger Sleestak, under a May 11 posting titled “Mary Jane, the Other White Meat.”

Illustrator Adam Hughes created the limited edition statue, described as “Mary Jane discover[ing] that her superhero husband has slipped some of his laundry into the mix, but she’s not looking too displeased about Peter’s naughty little transgression.”

So here’s what I can get from this. People are mad because:

  1. MJ is bent over and showing cleavage
  2. She’s doing Peter’s laundry


I don’t mean to shock anyone, but check out a Cosmo next time you’re buying milk. It’s chock full of boobs.

And suggesting a spouse might wash clothes in addition to his/her own? Well that’s just awful. (Note to self – from now now my wife rinses her own damn dishes!)

Honestly people, this is barely interesting, and it’s surely not news. It’s a pin-up paperweight that appeals to comic book guys. Get over it.

That being said, here’s some more gratuitous pics:

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6 thoughts on “Face It Tiger, You Need A Life”

  1. I might be one of only a few people not annoyed by the boobs.

    Rather, I'm annoyed by the fact that she seems to be presenting in the mode of a horny female cat, and the hideous jeans and exposed thong. Put her in a less absurd pose, fix the hole on the back of the jeans and nix the visible pink arse floss, and this could be a kind of cute statuette… unfortunately, that'd never happen, not as long as they're trying to sell to the spectral stereotype of the "comic book guy."

  2. I can't believe anyone cares about this at all. In practically every mainstream comic book currently printed you're gonna see suggestive posing and a lot more skin with the female characters.

    Like I said, it's basically a pin-up, and that type of posture is fairly standard for the genre.

    And let's face it, MJ's basically been eye candy since day one.

  3. Eh, it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Personal taste in pinup-style art, I guess. I definitely see your point about the blatant fanservice in most books running now!

  4. If you actually read the comments about the statue- many of which I think are excessive in their anger- you'll find that almost all of the bloggers are very much aware of all the "suggestive posing and a lot more skin with the female characters" and this is actually WHY people are upset about this.

    It's one more thing on TOP of all of that.

    As far as Mary Jane having been "eye candy from day one," that's somewhat accurate. But she's also been depicted as smart, driven and ambitiously pursuing a career as a model or an actress. Adam Hughes, the guy who did the control art for this statue, dismissed those as "bimbo" jobs but nothing could be further from the truth in most cases.

    He also points out she's not doing laundry, but that's a whole other discussion.

  5. So this is the straw that breaks the "comics are sexist" camel's back? This mild by comparison paperweight?!

    I think it probably has mostly to do with Spidey 3 being out, and MJ being quite popular.

    Make the same statue with a lesser Marvel heroine and I think the blogosphere would be a lot less interested.

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