2007 Reubens

Congrats to all the winners!

Now some thoughts:

  • Bill Amend (Cartoonist of the Year) – Totally deserved it and then some. In a world of so-so stripping, Foxtrot has always been top notch.
  • Tom Richmond (Advertising Illustration) – The guy wows me in every respect: art, blogging, Batsuits, and the fact that he could break me in half.
  • Drew Dernavich (Gag Cartoons) – It was an impressive group this year. Were I Drew I’d still be dancing a jig.
  • Carla Ventresca (Greeting Cards) – As I get more and more into cards, I see more and more Carla. And now this… I’m going to sob quietly in the fetal position for a while.
  • Hilary Price (Newspaper Panels) – Hooray, hooray, HOORAY to one of the best cartoonists in the biz!

Additional thoughts:

On the NCS site “…the winners of the NCS Division Awards are boldfaced”


They added an asterisk to help out, but it still took me leaning way into my largish monitor to read the winners. How ’bout a bigger font and or/italics?

(OK, this isn’t Reubens related, but it’s on the news page. Will somebody please replace this pixelated scrawl?!)


Also, if someone doesn’t post some new video of someone else winning the Reuben, I’m going to scream. Nothing against the Greg Evans vid, but it’s four years old; it needs some company.

And the Silver T-Square – I’m not going to comment on whether or not the McGarry boys deserve the award, but I will say that giving it to the children of a recent NCS president might appear inappropriate.

All this being said, I do sorta miss having gone this year. Carousing with Lynch, hobnobbing with gobs of cartoonists, cumberbunds… Maybe next year.

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