Free Cartoon Day – Pets

free cartoon day

Hooray! It’s Free Cartoon Day! And this week the cartoon is a pets cartoon:

free pets cartoon

So, how do you get the cartoon? Easy! Just click on the cartoon, or click here, to go to the large image of the cartoon. Do that right click "Save as…" thingy and you’re good to go!

Remember though, this is only free today. Tomorrow the links above won’t work. But don’t worry, the cartoon will be available at Andertoons at standard pricing right away.

See you next Friday for another free cartoon!

UPDATE – Sorry, this cartoon is no longer available for free, but it is available for purchase by clicking here.  And feel free to check out all of my other pet cartoons here.

Do You Know the 5 Cartoons Most Likely to Sell?

iStock_000003821345XSmall.jpgSelling cartoons is hard enough; give yourself a leg up on the competition by playing better odds.

After scouring 10 years of files, databases and Quickbooks reports, here are the cartoons I’ve found sell best:

1. Business Meetings

Put a couple of people in a room with a PowerPoint and you’ve got a great chance at a sale. Here’s the fine print:

  • Sales graph cartoons sell especially well (bad sales sell even better).

  • Anthropomorphize to stand out from the rest of the submissions.

  • White men are boring. Make sure you’re representing all genders and ethnicities.

2. Pets

People love their animals, and a good pet gag is a sure bet.

  • Dog cliches abound. Freshen one up and fetch your check.

  • Cats are almost too easy to make fun of. Get to it.

  • Birds are harder to mine for humor, but they’re a much appreciated palette cleanser for editors.

3. Kids

Whether you play them as innocent, worldly, or just plain silly, kids sell. Try one of these:

  • Taking a bath. Water has a lot of comic possibilities.

  • Teacher conferences give you lots of options. Study hard.

  • Playgrounds are like the standard bar scene for adults; a great place to ponder all sorts of things.

4. Recent Trends

Hard to spot, and a small window of opportunity, but almost a guaranteed sell. Some recent ideas that are almost surely dated by now:

  • Twitter

  • Going green

  • Newspaper decline

5. Holidays

Christmas and Halloween are the champs, but they’re extremely competitive. Break through an editor’s inbox clutter with cartoons about:

  • Groundhog Day

  • Fourth of July

  • St. Patrick’s Day

Of course there’s no guarantee as to what cartoons will sell. A lot depends on what and how much other cartoonists are submitting. But a decade of selling most of the top markets has shown me that the above cartoon topics certainly better your chances.

(BTW, check out my sales cartoons too!)

Andertoons Daily Pets Cartoon Code Has Changed

A few days after my programmer leaves for a month long adventure motorcycle trip (they have covers on the bars to keep their hands from getting cold; how adventurous can they be?!), some problems have arisen with the Daily Pet Cartoon code.

I think I’ve repaired it here, but there’s doubtless some blogs out there with old/bad code that won’t show the cartoons.

My guy will be back in in July, and will doubtless knock out some sort of fix quicker than I can say “fix,” but in the meantime, if you’re really jonesing for that daily pet cartoon in your sidebar, please go get the new code from here and update your HTML accordingly.

What’s there now is working. I’ve tested it pretty well.

Anyway, probably no one will read this. Or notice the problem. Or care that I’m alive…


Hold me!

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