Andertoons Daily Pets Cartoon Code Has Changed

A few days after my programmer leaves for a month long adventure motorcycle trip (they have covers on the bars to keep their hands from getting cold; how adventurous can they be?!), some problems have arisen with the Daily Pet Cartoon code.

I think I’ve repaired it here, but there’s doubtless some blogs out there with old/bad code that won’t show the cartoons.

My guy will be back in in July, and will doubtless knock out some sort of fix quicker than I can say “fix,” but in the meantime, if you’re really jonesing for that daily pet cartoon in your sidebar, please go get the new code from here and update your HTML accordingly.

What’s there now is working. I’ve tested it pretty well.

Anyway, probably no one will read this. Or notice the problem. Or care that I’m alive…


Hold me!

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2 thoughts on “Andertoons Daily Pets Cartoon Code Has Changed”

  1. Hey Mr. Mark.

    So I made it out to Illinois without crashing or losing my stuff (knock on wood… still). My girlfriend and I get to looking around for a place again since we got scooped on the place we had lined up… long story. In any case, the place we found that we're finalizing today has a really nice guy living in the "triplex" that does most of the handy-work and he works out there with you.

    He told me to tell you "Bill from Operations says hi".

    My new neighbor. SMALL WORLD RIGHT??!!

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