Anonymous Celebrity (Kinda Sort Of)

I was reading Tom Richmond’s blog about a local mag’s cover story on him, and this popped out at me:

The story did serve one useful purpose. Several of our neighbors who we did not know well now know what I do for a living… apparently I was previously believed to be a lawyer.

I’ve often thought/hoped that my neighbors are wondering “I dunno, he’s home all the time; what do you think he does?!”

I have to admit, I love it when people ask what I do, because, let’s face it, I have a really freakin’ cool job.

The thing I love even a little bit more is when I get something like this: “So you like do a comic for the local paper or something?”

And then I get to play what my wife calls the credibility card (I call it the badass card) and say “actually, I do a lot of work for magazines like Reader’s Digest, Good Housekeeping… I think I’m in the current Forbes. That sort of thing.”

I know, pride goeth before a fall and all that, but it’s fun watching them have to all of a sudden take me seriously.

Anyway, congrats to Tom on his cover story. Go read his blog; I’m going to go get some dessert.

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Bezos Is Funny

Ok, maybe not Bezos, but someone over at Amazon has a good sense of humor.

Saw this when visiting Amazon this morning:


Being the Simpsons nut that I am…


This is the funny part. Check out recommendations if Homer is your dad:


And here’s Darth Vader:


Love the geiger counter and the dark laundry wash! Kudos to, well, someone over at Amazon.

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