Anonymous Celebrity (Kinda Sort Of)

I was reading Tom Richmond’s blog about a local mag’s cover story on him, and this popped out at me:

The story did serve one useful purpose. Several of our neighbors who we did not know well now know what I do for a living… apparently I was previously believed to be a lawyer.

I’ve often thought/hoped that my neighbors are wondering “I dunno, he’s home all the time; what do you think he does?!”

I have to admit, I love it when people ask what I do, because, let’s face it, I have a really freakin’ cool job.

The thing I love even a little bit more is when I get something like this: “So you like do a comic for the local paper or something?”

And then I get to play what my wife calls the credibility card (I call it the badass card) and say “actually, I do a lot of work for magazines like Reader’s Digest, Good Housekeeping… I think I’m in the current Forbes. That sort of thing.”

I know, pride goeth before a fall and all that, but it’s fun watching them have to all of a sudden take me seriously.

Anyway, congrats to Tom on his cover story. Go read his blog; I’m going to go get some dessert.

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1 thought on “Anonymous Celebrity (Kinda Sort Of)”

  1. I get weird looks. I mean, kids draw. When you grow up, you're supposed to stop with that silly doodling. The fact you're able to finagle some kinda living outta that seems weird to about half the people who find out I draw cartoons. The other half (like a couple guys at our museum talk yesterday) want me to sign something so that maybe they can sell it on eBay and make a lousy buck.

    Cartoonist Sam Gross tells people he's in dry cleaning. I think that's good advice!

    But, despite my NYC grousing, congrats to Tom on his cover article. Weird that they thought he was a lawyer!

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