“Rub My Tummy and It’s a Deal” Available at Amazon

RubmytummycoverThe wait is over.

You can now get your very own copy of the very first Andertoons book at the very awesome Amazon.com! (Verily!)

And to get this thing rolling, the first ten folks to blog about it will get a signed copy from me free of charge.

Just drop me a line with a link to the post and your address. You can grab an image here.

(Blurbers – you know who you are – don’t bother. Yours are already in the mail.)

Hope you like it! And a special thanks to all the early adopters via Lulu!

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Cartoon Kindling


So yesterday Amazon launches the Kindle.

It looks pretty cool, and, like the iPhone, when something like this come out I immediately begin thinking of the possibilities for cartoons.

I’ve tried to see how art/grpahics look on it, but I’ve not seen anything decent in the demo videos.

I really like that there’s no plan and/or carrier to sign up for, but the overall look and feel… Meh.

To quote Cali over at GeekBrief, “my guess is I’m going to wish it was designed by Apple.”

Anyway, I’m not looking to buy this first gen, but it really does look very promising.

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Bezos Is Funny

Ok, maybe not Bezos, but someone over at Amazon has a good sense of humor.

Saw this when visiting Amazon this morning:


Being the Simpsons nut that I am…


This is the funny part. Check out recommendations if Homer is your dad:


And here’s Darth Vader:


Love the geiger counter and the dark laundry wash! Kudos to, well, someone over at Amazon.

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Amazon’s Emetrics Don’t Suck

AmazonOK, first off this data is at least three years old, but I still think it’s fascinating.

I ran across it at Web Pages That Suck (I looked for a permalink, but couldn’t find one.  Look for "When Simple Design Doesn’t Work").  It’s a PDF of an Amazon.com presentation from 2004 that discusses, among other things, Amazon’s A/B testing.

There’s some great examples starting on page 14 showing differences in their top navigation tabs, a scaled tab that never was, and, the most interesting part for me, a look at simpler pages vs. more crowded pages.

Now, if you believe the current Web 2.0 trends, which I like from a design standpoint, you’d think more "white space" and less crowding would be more attractive and, hence, more profitable.

Well, it turns out that for a retailer like Amazon with lots to browse and recommend, more is better.  Cart adds were down and abandonment was up.

Amazon is well known for leaving nothing to chance, and letting the numbers speak for themselves, so, looking back at my own redesign, I’m really glad I looked closely at how they organized their home page.

I’d love to do some intensive A/B testing when time and budget allows.  Not only would it yield some interesting results, I think it’d just plain be a lot of fun.

Anyway, check it out.  It’s pretty fascinating.

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