“Rub My Tummy and It’s a Deal” Available at Amazon

RubmytummycoverThe wait is over.

You can now get your very own copy of the very first Andertoons book at the very awesome Amazon.com! (Verily!)

And to get this thing rolling, the first ten folks to blog about it will get a signed copy from me free of charge.

Just drop me a line with a link to the post and your address. You can grab an image here.

(Blurbers – you know who you are – don’t bother. Yours are already in the mail.)

Hope you like it! And a special thanks to all the early adopters via Lulu!

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4 thoughts on ““Rub My Tummy and It’s a Deal” Available at Amazon”

  1. Congratulations!!!

    And I love that dog. I love the way you draw dogs. Where can I download a Andertoons dog design for a tattoo, huh?

  2. Congrats, Mark! I'm with Bob, well, not literally (I don't swing that way…not that that's a bad thing…) but look forward to adding your book to my collection, also!!!

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