Cartoon Kindling


So yesterday Amazon launches the Kindle.

It looks pretty cool, and, like the iPhone, when something like this come out I immediately begin thinking of the possibilities for cartoons.

I’ve tried to see how art/grpahics look on it, but I’ve not seen anything decent in the demo videos.

I really like that there’s no plan and/or carrier to sign up for, but the overall look and feel… Meh.

To quote Cali over at GeekBrief, “my guess is I’m going to wish it was designed by Apple.”

Anyway, I’m not looking to buy this first gen, but it really does look very promising.

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1 thought on “Cartoon Kindling”

  1. Yeah, it's still early days. I saw it on the Amazon home page this AM. I noticed that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is on the cover of one of the news weeklies this week, as well as gabbing with Charlie Rose. I think paying $400 for a battery powered reader vs. buying $400 of "real" books and magazines is a no brainer: I don't have to worry about battery life and screen res while lingering over a paper page of text or cartoons.

    Besides, it looks all white and pasty! Was it the same people who designed the IBM PCs 20 years ago??

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