Cartoon Close-up – Leadership+

Cartoon Close-Up is a recurring feature where I highlight Andertoons cartoon subscribers, custom cartoon clients, and customers who just buy the occasional cartoon.

Cartoon Close-Up 1

This edition’s answers come from subscriber, Geraldine D’Arcy.

1) Tell me a little about yourself and your job.

I manage the research and publications side of things for the Irish Primary Principals’ Network – a professional body for Irish primary school leaders – and have been editing our member magazine Leadership+ for nearly 10 years now.  

2) How do you use the cartoons from your Andertoons subscription?

We use Andertoons on our ‘And Finally!’ page – to introduce some light-heartedness into what can be a very serious publication. It highlights the everyday humour in our primary schools in a lovely tongue-in-cheek way that reflects IPPN’s in-house ‘style.’

Cartoon Close-Up 1

 3) Please give me an example of how someone has responded to a cartoon.

Members tell us they love a quiet chuckle over a quick cuppa and that the cartoons resonate with them – all principals have stories like those reflected in the cartoons. Perhaps it’s because they are so true but also a little on the edge of what people might be comfortable admitting…

 4) Which cartoon is your personal favorite?

Cartoon #6883 – 

Cartoon 6883

Also #7012 – 

Cartoon 7012

 5) Where online can people find out more about you? Most content is restricted to members but all our publications, submissions and press releases are open to the public.

 6) Do you have any questions for me?

How do you decide what to feature, and what to leave out? What inspires the stories you tell in your cartoons – were you/your parents in the teaching profession?

Cartoons actually go through a lot of editing. I try to boil the art and captions down as much as possible to use only what’s absolutely necessary to get the idea across. That being said, I do get a little wordy and draw meaningless but fun details occasionally.

As for teaching, my wife is a teacher (1st/2nd dual-language), so I get plenty of inspiration and material from her.  My mom also taught piano lessons for more than 30 years.

Thanks so much to Geraldine for her time and terrific answers!

If you use Andertoons cartoons and would like to be featured here on the blog and in our monthly newsletter, drop me a line!

NEW! – Yearly Cartoon Subscriptions

Cartoon Subscriptions

Cartoon subscriptions have been a terrific success.

Our amazing subscribers are using their cartoons to connect via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. They’re using their cartoons to engage and gain readers on their blogs and email newsletters. And they’re publishing them on their websites, in their e-books, and even on direct mail postcards.

In fact, over the past year hundreds of subscribers from over a dozen different countries have downloaded and used more than 10,000 cartoons! WOW!

It is so incredibly gratifying to see so many people using and enjoying my cartoons. Thank you so much!

Some of the success, I think, has been due to the value people are seeing. Starting at just $20 a month you can choose from thousands of cartoons and use pretty much as many as you like. But as good as that deal is, today I’m announcing something even better that many subscribers have been asking for – yearly subscriptions:

New Yearly Cartoon Subscriptions

The existing Pro and Premium monthly plans are still available and will continue to be, but some subscribers asked if there was a way they could be billed just once a year. So we’ve added new Pro and Premium plans that not only renew once a year, but save you money too!

Signing up for either of the new yearly subscriptions will save you a little over 16% (and 11 emails!) over the cost of the same year on a monthly subscription. Other than that, the new yearly subscriptions work exactly the same:

  • Thousands of available cartoons
  • Hundreds of topics
  • New cartoons every Monday
  • Cartoons pre-optimized for the web and/or print
  • Super easy downloads
  • No fuss, cancel anytime

So, if you’re a current monthly subscriber and you’d like to change over to the yearly plan, drop me a line and we’ll get you all fixed up. If you’ve been waiting to subscribe, now’s a great time to sign up and save some money too.

How are you planning to use your cartoons?

20 Most Downloaded Business Cartoons

Our Cartoon Subscription service really took off last year, and people are using cartoons like crazy. Social media, blogs, email newsletters – if you need content, cartoons are terrific!

One of the most popular categories is business. Although our search feature is quite robust, with thousands of cartoons available it can feel like being a kid in a candy store.  So I thought I’d share 20 of the most downloaded Andertoons business cartoons! Enjoy:

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #4002

An oldie but a goodie. This one always kills.

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #4827

Believe it or not, it took forever to get that guy’s tongue right.

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #5327

Inspired by pretty much every meeting I ever attended.

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #5702

Still, I bet it’s effective.

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #5815

That would explain why sales projections are way off.

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #5923

Another huge seller.

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #6124

I’ll admit it, I’m guilty of this too.

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #6129

My wife is a teacher and we read a lot of picture books.

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #6163

We all knew that was going to happen.

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #6218

Pretty much everyone downloads this cartoon.

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #6228

Unless you’re working at Minimalism, Inc.

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #6234

Someone called her expression “apostrophe eyes” once. Totally nailed it.

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #6282

I had a manager once tell me he had an open door policy. Then he hid in his locked office for the next 3 years.

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #6326

You should need  a license to use Reply All.

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #6493

I’m impressed he’s awake for the interview.

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #6497

I had to look on Google images for pictures of pastries to get this business cartoon right. Then I went out for donuts.

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #6515

Business jargon is irresistible to cartoonists.

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #6550

Let’s get started, shall we?

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #6559

Sell more?

Most Downloaded Business Cartoons #6591

That’s all anyone really wants.

Fun, right? There are more where those came from! An Andertoons Cartoon Subscription gives you access to hundreds of business cartoons and thousands more on all kinds of subjects. New cartoons are added weekly, and you can cancel any time. And with plans starting at only $20 per month, even your budget will smile!

Where might you use some business cartoons?

Cartoons Make Your Content Powerful

Cartoon 1

We all like cartoons. But did you know they also provide a powerful punch to any social media or content strategy?  In fact, according to many expert social media blogs, they are an easy to use but  surprisingly powerful force in engaging audiences of all types across any industry.

Cartoons are one of our oldest forms of visual storytelling. The first comic book was introduced in the early 1800’s, and it didn’t take long for advertisers to begin using them in their marketing and learning how effective cartoons are in getting customers’ attention.

Cartoon 2

In fact, a University of California Santa Barbara study found that cartoons are 51% more effective than text in conveying a concept. By representing complex ideas in a fun, visual, and memorable way, cartoons are incredibly effective tools. (Fun fact – Did you know Dr. Seuss got his start in advertising?)

Ilya Spitalnik in a B2C blog, Why Cartoons Have Power in Businesssuggests one reason why cartoons work so well:

“Because our childhood conditioned us to accept cartoons as a non-threatening form of communication, we absorb their messages in adulthood in a very different way compared to the jaded “keep your guard up” attitude we typically adopt… By eliminating the critical thinking for even a split second, we are suddenly open to new messages.”

And before you insert that next unremarkable picture into your blog or on your Facebook page, consider this; research shows that 64% of people, when given the option, would rather share social media containing a cartoon than a standard stock photo.

Cartoon 3

At Andertoons, we offer cartoon subscriptions that provide ongoing access to both timeless and trending cartoons. You and your company will have access to a constantly growing library of thousands of cartoons to complement your content. And you can use them in all sorts of ways including social media, email, and more.

Have a cartoon success story? We’d love to hear it! Leave a comment and let us know.



That’s the number of Apple Thunderbolt 27″ hi-res displays, each maxed out at 2560 x 1440 pixels, you’d need if you wanted to simultaneously show every web-ready cartoon you get with an Andertoons Pro Subscription.

Here’s what 109 displays stacked neatly looks like:

Cartoon Subscriptions 1

And, just for fun, here’s what 109 displays looks like in a big messy pile:

Cartoon Subscriptions 2

With an Andertoons Cartoon Subscription you get thousands of cartoons you can use to grab attention in websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest and more, starting at just $20 month.

Try one out today!

(I’d show you the number of displays needed to show each hi-res cartoon you’d get with an Andertoons Premium Subscription, but that would mean cutting and pasting over 1000 displays in Photoshop. And I’d rather draw up some new cartoons.)