Cartoons Make Your Content Powerful

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We all like cartoons. But did you know they also provide a powerful punch to any social media or content strategy?  In fact, according to many expert social media blogs, they are an easy to use but  surprisingly powerful force in engaging audiences of all types across any industry.

Cartoons are one of our oldest forms of visual storytelling. The first comic book was introduced in the early 1800’s, and it didn’t take long for advertisers to begin using them in their marketing and learning how effective cartoons are in getting customers’ attention.

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In fact, a University of California Santa Barbara study found that cartoons are 51% more effective than text in conveying a concept. By representing complex ideas in a fun, visual, and memorable way, cartoons are incredibly effective tools. (Fun fact – Did you know Dr. Seuss got his start in advertising?)

Ilya Spitalnik in a B2C blog, Why Cartoons Have Power in Businesssuggests one reason why cartoons work so well:

“Because our childhood conditioned us to accept cartoons as a non-threatening form of communication, we absorb their messages in adulthood in a very different way compared to the jaded “keep your guard up” attitude we typically adopt… By eliminating the critical thinking for even a split second, we are suddenly open to new messages.”

And before you insert that next unremarkable picture into your blog or on your Facebook page, consider this; research shows that 64% of people, when given the option, would rather share social media containing a cartoon than a standard stock photo.

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At Andertoons, we offer cartoon subscriptions that provide ongoing access to both timeless and trending cartoons. You and your company will have access to a constantly growing library of thousands of cartoons to complement your content. And you can use them in all sorts of ways including social media, email, and more.

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Cartoons & Content Marketing

When you’re utilizing the power of content marketing to promote your brand, you want to be able to give your customers a great deal of value while still providing entertaining and interesting material that will keep them engaged. To do this, you need to be able to keep your readers’ attention.

One fun and unique way to make this job easier, while providing entertainment and additional content for your readers, is to use a cartoon. In fact, cartoons can be a very worthwhile addition to any content marketing strategy, and Andertoons can provide you with original, creative comics that get your point across the way you see fit.

While you may have some very useful and compelling information to share with your targeted audiences, many marketers find that it is difficult to communicate this information without providing some measure of entertainment. If this is not exactly your strong suit, a cartoon may be an excellent option for you.

Another truth that business owners and managers know all too well is the fact that when they are promoting their brands, they are essentially selling themselves. People who are associated with a good sense of humor are often known to be confident, independent and reliable. By providing some light humor alongside content that will enrich your customer’s lives, you’re providing significant value.

Something else to take into account is that with the widespread use of viral media these days, it’s commonplace for users to “like” or “retweet” content that they like, sharing it online over social networks like Facebook, Twitter and all the rest. Everyone loves to share cartoons, and a funny comic that relates directly to your company can go a long way toward expanding the reach of your brand through social media, without you lifting a finger.

There are several ways in which you can incorporate cartoons into your content marketing strategies. First, if you have an article or white paper that you’d like to share, but are afraid that it won’t get the readership it deserves, you can use a stock cartoon to illustrate a smaller point within the document.

Or, if you want to quickly and easily communicate the overall point of your article in order to draw more people in, a custom cartoon crafted with the writer can help to grab the attention of those who might otherwise have passed it up.

Finally, if you really want to get to the point on a busy day, try a collection of cartoons on a single subject to communicate more efficiently. In this way, you can tell a story quickly and effectively, making sure that your audience can hear what you need to say, even when they’re on the go.

With the help of cartoons you can truly get the most out of your content marketing campaign.