Valentines Day Cartoons – 2013 Collection

Valentines Day cartoons are some of my favorite holiday cartoons to draw. You get to talk about love, candy, hearts, and a flying mostly naked baby with a bow and arrow. The cartoon possibilities are almost endless!

So, since Valentine’s day is just about here, here are some new cartoons I hope you’ll love:

Valentine's Day Cartoons 1

Valentine’s Day is all about telling that special someone how you feel, even if that someone is another company. You know though, if corporations really are people, there’s a vastly underserved market here! (Note to self – Valentines for corporations.)

Valentine's Day Cartoons 2

Whenever I can get a caption down to one word I do a happy little dance. It’s a shame you can’t see it, it’s quite something. I really get into it.

Valentine's Day Cartoons 3

I thought this might be too geeky for general consumption, but when you consider The Avengers is one of the highest earning movies ever made, I think I’m OK here. Also, I dare you to fine another Valentine’s Day cartoon with the Hulk in it. I dare you. I double dare you.

Valentine's Day Cartoons 4

Cupid is certainly a staple of Valentine cartoons, but I gotta tell ya, drawing the little guy is a pain. Wings, arrows, quiver, bow, sash, and all on a baby to boot! Yeesh!

Valentine's Day Cartoons 5

You know for a cartoon that’s about how a non-scripty font is bad for greeting cards, I sure chose an odd font to represent the greeting card company’s name on the wall. Just sayin’.

Valentine's Day Cartoons 6

It’s not weird enough that a flying infant shoots you with love arrows, but then he’s also got arrows that are intentionally romantically disappointing? Not cool, man.

Valentine's Day Cartoons 7

You know I was sure someone had done this, but I looked and looked and looked everywhere I could think to look online and could not find a Facebook like candy box instead of a Valentine heart candy box cartoon anywhere. Now, of course, having said that, 14 people will email some to me. But I swear I looked!

Valentine's Day Cartoons 8

I bet that hurts.

Valentine's Day Cartoons 9

I like cartoons that suggest a more involved back story, and you just know the back story in this Valentine’s Day cartoon is really something.

Valentine's Day Cartoons 10

The only thing worse than drawing a cupid, is drawing two of them right next to each other.

Well, that does it for 2013, but you can see all of my Valentines Day cartoons here. I know you’ll love them!

Christmas Cartoons – Collection

‘Tis the season, so to get you in the mood, here’s some new Christmas cartoons!

Christmas Cartoons 1

Every year I watch A Charlie Brown Christmas and every year I think “just watching those kids dance makes my back and neck hurt.” So I finally addressed it.

Can I say too that trying to draw in Schulz’s style without out and out copying him is deceptively difficult? (Also, see if you can find the little Easter Egg I put in there.)

Christmas Cartoons 2

As Christmas cartoons go, this is pretty good. But it’s also not a bad idea if you’ve got low ceilings and short family members.

Christmas Cartoons 3

This is one of those cartoons where it’s better not to think too deeply about it. Where would a miniskirt go on a tree? Does it go higher up the trunk so you can see more of the stand? Do older trees cluck their tongues in disapproval?

See, too much thought.

Christmas Cartoons 4

I always try to throw in some more wintery cartoons for people that don’t observe Christmas, so I do snowmen. But Bill Watterson set the snowman cartoon bar so high that it’s always a real challenge.

Christmas Cartoons 5

Fireplace stockings is another of the standard Christmas cartoons, and another tough nut to crack. (Note to self – buy nutcracker.) But if you can come up with something new and interesting it’s really satisfying.

Christmas Cartoons 6

When you’re doing a mall Santa cartoon, that’d better be a fairly good joke, because you’re going to have to draw a lot to pull it off. People in line, trees, elves, etc…

Christmas Cartoons 7

I like the idea that this kid is suspicious of Santa. Probably watching too much TV. Or not enough.

Christmas Cartoons 8

You just know this is coming. And someone’s probably trademarking it as we speak. I think you go the other way with “Ho-ho-ho-ho!” Make people feel like they’re getting a little added value around the holidays.

Hope you enjoyed those! Feel free to check out all of my other Christmas cartoons too. And happy holidays, everyone!

Thanksgiving Cartoons – Collection

Turkey day is coming soon, so, to get you in the mood, here’s a veritable feast of Thanksgiving cartoons!

Thanksgiving Cartoons Example 1

I don’t think I’ve done any First Thanksgiving cartoons before, and once I began drawing it I knew why. You have to draw your pilgrims, your Native Americans, a table & chairs, a cabin, a forest, turkeys…  Sheesh!

Thanksgiving Cartoons Example 2

More thought than you’d assume went into the text for the sign in this cartoon. I’d considered, and actually had another cartoon recommend “Because, unlike your rmother, you can’t cook,” but I like the one-two punch of putting “unlike your mother” at the end.

Thanksgiving Cartoons Example 3

Nothing says family holiday meal like petty squabbling, the silent treatment, and pushing family members’ buttons. Throw in some politics and you’re good to go!

Thanksgiving Cartoons Example 4

When thinking Thanksgiving cartoons, a turkey with a samurai sword probably doesn’t come immediately to mind. That is unless you had just watched Kill Bill before sitting down to write. Ahem.

Thanksgiving Cartoons Example 5

Every Thanksgiving I think “Hey, I’ll put on the parade for the kids! I used to love that when I was a kid!” You sit them down and watch about 10 minutes of lip-synced dancing, the Podunk High School Marching Weevils, and endless teases for balloons and then, like every Thanksgiving, I apologize and hand over the iPhone and iPad.

Thanksgiving Cartoons Example 6

Turkeys disguising themselves as other birds is a staple of Thanksgiving cartoons, but for some reason the phrase “feather extensions” made me chortle to myself for about five minutes. So there it is.

Thanksgiving Cartoons Example 7

Thanksgiving blackmail. You go, turkey!

Thanksgiving Cartoons Example 8

This Thanksgiving cartoon took a bit of research. When is a turkey done? What’s that thing about stuffing? How do you get salmonella? All in a day’s work for your friendly neighborhood cartoonist.

Well that’s it, Feel free to check out all of my other Thanksgiving cartoons too. And happy turkey day, everyone!

Halloween Cartoon – Collection

Looking for a good Halloween cartoon? You’ve come to the right place! Here’s a few of my most recent cartoons to get you in the mood!

Halloween Cartoon 1

I probably spent more time on this Halloween cartoon than I should have, but the scene was so much fun to draw! The Wolfman, Frankenstein and Dracula playing cards and reminiscing? You can’t rush that!

I’m particularly proud of the Wolfman’s flannel shirt and claws on his fingers. And that perturbed Dracula makes me laugh every time I look at it. He’s never going to live that down.

Halloween Cartoon 2

This cartoon actually went through a number of different captions right up to the end:

  • “Oh please! Anyone can haunt an hold house. Try one of these new McMansions!”
  • “Oh please! Anyone can haunt an old spooky house. Try one of those new condos they just put up!”
  • “Oh please! Anyone can haunt a house. Try haunting a supply closet!”

In the end “accounting firm” just felt right, and it seems to fit the ghost’s clothing.

I spent a fair amount of time in Photoshop on this one too. Totally worth it!

Halloween Cartoon 10

If I’m an employer I’m A) impressed with his honesty, B) a little scared, C) think he’s probably trying to pull one over on me.

Halloween Cartoon 11

I love cartoons about the little everyday moments like this.

Halloween Cartoon 3

I must have told this Halloween cartoon to my wife a good dozen times after I came up with it, and I laughed like a giddy schoolgirl each time.

Halloween Cartoon 4

A take off on the old “tell me about your mother” chestnut, but Frankenstein didn’t necessarily have a mother, right? Or maybe multiple mothers since he’s made out of…  OK, I’ve officially overthought this Halloween cartoon.

Halloween Cartoon 5

I always hated this question in interviews. I’m betting he tries answering awkwardly for a few sentences then leans in and bites her on the neck. Serves her right too!

Halloween Cartoon 6

Maybe the best zombie I’ve ever drawn. OK, not maybe, the best. Just saying.

Halloween Cartoon 7

I don’t know why I’m so into vampires and business but for some reason it works. These people are all getting bitten too.

Halloween Cartoon 8

What interests me here is the time involved. If these pumpkins started their business while they were still on the vine it’s an impressive achievement. But then why and how would successful sentient pumpkins allow themselves to be carved? No wonder they’re doing so badly all of a sudden!

Halloween Cartoon 9

This cartoon was mostly an excuse to draw the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Feel free to check out my entire Halloween cartoon inventory. And happy trick-or-treating everyone!

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Business Cartoons You Don’t Want In Your Employees’ Cubicles

I do a lot of business cartoons here at Andertoons. They’re fun to do, there’s no end of material, and they sell well. But there is a bit of a catch – the people you’re generally selling to are executives and upper management, so you can’t pick on them too much. As a result I do cartoons like this:

It’s not really picking on anyone in particular, but it’s funny and true.

Still I spent too many years in business as a worker drone to not have a little fun at management’s expense. And if I were management and I were touring the cubicles, here’s a few cartoons I might not think were so funny:

Well, at least he’s honest.

This is one of my biggest selling business cartoons, and if you’ve ever spent time having PowerPoints read at you, you know why.

I think employees often feel put upon. This just takes idea a little further.

(Also, I used the name “Lynch” as sort of a shout out to my inky cartoonist pal Mike Lynch.)

If this cartoon resonates with you, you’d better hang it up in your cubicle fast so you can enjoy it before you have to take it home in your cardboard box with your other personal effects.

Corporate Cartoon #5702 by Andertoons

Secretly I’d love to work for Despair.

I’m pretty sure a manager almost slipped and said pretty much this exact thing to me once.

Another super popular cartoon. If I’m taking about it and don’t have it in front of me I always say “OK, now that we all agree, let’s go back to our desks and discuss amongst ourselves why this won’t work.”

I have no idea why I add those two extra words, but I always do.

That’s nothing to sneeze at these days.

Those poor people are in for it.

One time my kids saw this one and wanted me to explain why it was funny. I said “Hey! Who wants cookies?” That always works.

If you’re management, the best but extremely ironic response to seeing this hanging up would be to just ignore it.

Feel free to browse all of my business cartoons and let me know if you see any others that might make an exec cringe!