Halloween Cartoons

Halloween is one of my favorite times of year. You’ve got monsters, pumpkin carving, and forcing your neighbors to give you their candy under threat of reprisal. Plus, as a cartoonist, you get all sorts of fun stuff to draw! What’s not to like?

So here’s a small sampling of Halloween cartoons to get you in the mood. Enjoy:

You know, when you think about it, as long as kids have been trick-or-treating, I’m surprised that someone hasn’t tried to popularize a third option. Sure, you have that whole “…smell my feet, give me something good to eat” thing, but that’s pretty tired. You really should stick with alliteration here too, so “Text” maybe? “Tedium?” “Totalitarianism?”

I think every kid has heard the old “it’s just ketchup” explanation. But I must say that it sort of confused me as a kid. When I scraped my knee and it was blood instead of ketchup? Freak out!!

I also like how this Halloween cartoon is set in sort of your standard living room. No coffins, crypts, bats… Just your average middle class Nosferatu at home watching TV with the family. Nice.

I’m not sure what exactly it is about vacuums that scares dogs (it’s not just mine, right?), but I gotta say that as much as I have to vacuum because of our dog, that the ensuing canine hysterics are more than a tad annoying. That being said, it did give me the good idea for the above Halloween cartoon.

Of course it also presented the problem of drawing a number of various breed of dog dressed in an assortment of costumes attending a party. So there’s that.

I hope Frankenstein is earning a good living terrorizing villagers or whatever it is he does (maybe a sizable inheritance from his mad doc father?), because the Mrs.’ hair budget has got to be a killer. Sure, it’s cool, scary, iconic, but the upkeep with shampoo, conditioner, various styling products, and visits to the hairdresser must cost a fortune.

To be serious for just a second, I think, like the vampire comic above, the sort of nonchalantness of the scene really helps this work. A beginning cartoonist might be tempted to have a funny reaction on his face, or show lots of hairspray cans laying about to drive the point home, but the bland mundane quality of everything it what make this cartoon funny for me.

Well, hope you enjoyed this small sampling of monster mirth. Feel free to check out all of my funny Halloween cartoons & comics too!


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