Halloween Cartoons – Pumpkins

Being a cartoonist, I love the fun artsiness of carving pumpkins. I’m not a huge fan of scooping out the the stuff, washing them, cleaning them up when they’re done, or, really, anything else, but I love carving them.

So, with All Hallow’s Eve fast approaching, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite Halloween cartoons about pumpkins!

Being a cartoonist means always having that 1% of your brain awake and on the lookout for stuff to have fun with. This cartoon came from seeing my basketball in my garage. It was set in such a way that the seams lined up and sort of looked like a pumpkin.

Then it was just a simple matter of creating young love gone awry. Easy!

I love mixing different things together in my Halloween cartoons. Often I’ll combine nursery rhymes, business jargon, pretty much anything to see what happens.

For this cartoon I was looking for a way to combine two holidays. I started with the leprechauns and their pot of gold, then started thinking of other holiday items as a substitute. It wasn’t long before a pumpkin stood in, and then it took a bizarre turn into the business world.

Writing is weird like that sometimes.

I do lots and lots of tech cartoons. The businessman in me will tell you it’s largely because they sell well, and that’s true, but mostly it’s because I’m a huge nerd and I have a weak spot for the latest gadget.

So when emoticons really took off and were widely understood, this cartoon wasn’t far behind.

It struck me one year while carving with the kids that whatever emotion we chose for the pumpkin was it. And suddenly that’s a lot of pressure!

Do you want a happy one? Angry? Mournful? Philosophical? Whatever I choose, this pumpkin is stuck. Good thing this therapist is there to help.

Well I think I’ve scooped about as much out of these pumpkin cartoons as I can. Feel free to browse all of my Halloween cartoons!

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