LEGO Catwoman For The Win!

In case you hadn’t heard, LEGO is coming out with some superhero sets in 2012. They’ve got licenses for both DC & Marvel and if you’ve read even only a few posts here at the blog you know that I’m fairly giddy about this.

Anyway, LEGO’s been holding a contest where you submit your LEGO superhero creations and, drumroll please… I won!

lego catwoman line art

Yep, LEGO Catwoman here won me all of the upcoming 2012 LEGO DC Universe sets! Hee-hee! Hee-hee-hee! WOO!

See? Giddy!

BTW, if you wanna see the other stuff I created, you can check it out here. Wanna enter and maybe win yourself? Click here!

My Mom’s Painting

moms watercolor small

My mom retired a while back, and she’s gotten to finally enjoy some time following one of her passions, watercolor.

She’s been on a tear lately, painting furiously and winning awards at some art fairs. Above is her latest and I thought it would be fun to show her off a bit and see where I inherited my art ability from. (Click on the image to enlarge it.)

Apparently people have been pestering her for prints of this and previous work. Maybe I’ll have to be her manager. 😉

Awful Superhero Halloween Costumes I’d Love To See – Bug Catcher Spider-Man

This week’s awful costume I’d like to see made real is from a toy I used to have on a shelf in my office, Bug Catcher Spider-Man:

bug catcher spiderman

You know, if this was Insect Catcher Spider-Man, I’d be less concerned, but “bug” is so non-specific…

There’s all kinds of awesome details to this costume, so don’t miss checking out all my old pics. And, please, someone put this costume in production!