DC Super Powers 1988/2016 Wallpaper Calendar


Happy New Year!

Did you know that calendars repeat occasionally? There’s a 28 year cycle wherein certain years will begin on the same day of the week as other years. (There’s a more detailed explanation here.) For example, 2016 has the same days and dates as the years 1988, 1960, 1932 etc… Neat, huh?

So while there’s a lot of nice 2016 calendars out there, I’m going a little more old school and hanging up this 1988 DC Super Powers calendar instead. (Believe you me, a good leap year superhero calendar was hard to find!) And as long as I was scanning everything in, I thought I’d share them!

Click on the images below and you’ll get big beautiful 2560 x 1200 images with both the top image page and the bottom calendar page. Feel free to grab them and use them as some awesome desktop wallpapers.

Have a great year!


DC Comics Calendar 1988/2016 January


DC Comics Calendar 1988/2016 February


DC Comics Calendar 1988/2016 March


DC Comics Calendar 1988/2016 April


DC Comics Calendar 1988/2016 May


DC Comics Calendar 1988/2016 June


DC Comics Calendar 1988/2016 July


DC Comics Calendar 1988/2016 August


DC Comics Calendar 1988/2016 September


DC Comics Calendar 1988/2016 October


DC Comics Calendar 1988/2016 November


DC Comics Calendar 1988/2016 December




LEGO Catwoman For The Win!

In case you hadn’t heard, LEGO is coming out with some superhero sets in 2012. They’ve got licenses for both DC & Marvel and if you’ve read even only a few posts here at the blog you know that I’m fairly giddy about this.

Anyway, LEGO’s been holding a contest where you submit your LEGO superhero creations and, drumroll please… I won!

lego catwoman line art

Yep, LEGO Catwoman here won me all of the upcoming 2012 LEGO DC Universe sets! Hee-hee! Hee-hee-hee! WOO!

See? Giddy!

BTW, if you wanna see the other stuff I created, you can check it out here. Wanna enter and maybe win yourself? Click here!

LEGO Catwoman Line Art

lego catwoman line art

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at another large LEGO art piece, but was looking to try something other than the standard mosaic. So I created this tiled line art piece based on the Darwyn Cooke Catwoman.

All the black tiles are connected with white hinges underneath and connected here and there to plate studs placed strategically in the white tiles.

It measures about 20″ x 30″ and I had to order around 1500 of the 2×2 white tiles from Germany to get it covered.

Here’s a little closer look:

lego catwoman line art closeup

I’m really pleased with the result, and I’m already planning some other LEGO line art projects.

You can see it better over at Flickr! Meow!

BTW, don’t miss these other awesome Catwomen by Bruce Timm, Art Baltazar, Mike Maihack, Amanda Conner, and Darwyn Cooke!