Awful Superhero Halloween Costumes I’d Love To See – Invisible Woman

I remembered this costume well from my youth. See if you can tell why:

invisible woman slutty costume 1

It took me a bit to find some decent pics of what apparently is referred to by fanboys as Invisible Woman’s “Slut Uniform,” but find them I did.

I think the best part of the new costume’s (ahem) reveal is Reed’s totally blase take:

invisible woman slutty costume 2

It’s nice?! It’s NICE?! THE ROOF?!?! Reed, honey, step away from the computer.

Anyway, I dunno how feasible this would be to make, but someone needs to make this happen. PRONTO!

OK, one more shot just for old time’s sake:

invisible woman slutty costume 3

BTW, don’t miss Zebra Batman, Bug Catcher Spidey or Underwater Wonder Woman!