Unnecessary LEGO Batman Vehicles

After finishing my massive LEGO Alphabet Spaceships project, I was looking for something a little less restrictive design=wise, and this collection of Unnecessary LEGO Batman Vehicles filled the bill.

The idea here is that in addition to the Batmobile, the Batwing, the Batcopter, etc…, that Batman has a Bat-vehicle for pretty much anything, even the mundane.

I’ve posted a few along the way, but now that I’ve finished with an even dozen, here’s all of them, including my last entry:

LEGO Batman Bat Tractor

The Bat-Tractor

Bat Gondola Full

The Bat-Gondola

Bat Supermarket Scooter Top

The Bat-Supermarket Scooter

lego batman blimp

The Bat-Blimp

lego batman bumper cars

The Bat-Bumper Cars

Bat Zamboni Rear 2

The Bat-Zamboni

lego batman hot air balloon

The Bat-Balloon

Bat Golf Cart Side 3

The Bat-Golf Cart

Bat Segway Front

The Bat-Segway

Bat Go Cart Side

The Bat-Go-Kart

Bat Riding Mower Top

The Bat-Riding Mower

Bat Pogo Stick Front 1

The Bat-Pogo Stick

Well, that’s it for my Unnecessary LEGO Batman Vehicles. You can see more pics at Flickr.

What’s next? You’ll know when I know.