Thanksgiving Cartoons – Collection

Turkey day is coming soon, so, to get you in the mood, here’s a veritable feast of Thanksgiving cartoons!

Thanksgiving Cartoons Example 1

I don’t think I’ve done any First Thanksgiving cartoons before, and once I began drawing it I knew why. You have to draw your pilgrims, your Native Americans, a table & chairs, a cabin, a forest, turkeys…  Sheesh!

Thanksgiving Cartoons Example 2

More thought than you’d assume went into the text for the sign in this cartoon. I’d considered, and actually had another cartoon recommend “Because, unlike your rmother, you can’t cook,” but I like the one-two punch of putting “unlike your mother” at the end.

Thanksgiving Cartoons Example 3

Nothing says family holiday meal like petty squabbling, the silent treatment, and pushing family members’ buttons. Throw in some politics and you’re good to go!

Thanksgiving Cartoons Example 4

When thinking Thanksgiving cartoons, a turkey with a samurai sword probably doesn’t come immediately to mind. That is unless you had just watched Kill Bill before sitting down to write. Ahem.

Thanksgiving Cartoons Example 5

Every Thanksgiving I think “Hey, I’ll put on the parade for the kids! I used to love that when I was a kid!” You sit them down and watch about 10 minutes of lip-synced dancing, the Podunk High School Marching Weevils, and endless teases for balloons and then, like every Thanksgiving, I apologize and hand over the iPhone and iPad.

Thanksgiving Cartoons Example 6

Turkeys disguising themselves as other birds is a staple of Thanksgiving cartoons, but for some reason the phrase “feather extensions” made me chortle to myself for about five minutes. So there it is.

Thanksgiving Cartoons Example 7

Thanksgiving blackmail. You go, turkey!

Thanksgiving Cartoons Example 8

This Thanksgiving cartoon took a bit of research. When is a turkey done? What’s that thing about stuffing? How do you get salmonella? All in a day’s work for your friendly neighborhood cartoonist.

Well that’s it, Feel free to check out all of my other Thanksgiving cartoons too. And happy turkey day, everyone!

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