6 thoughts on “It’s All About Me!”

  1. A good interview with Matt Glover. I think readers are always interested in how some jobs are successfully augmented via a web presence.

    I have a question, if you don't mind. I like your style of the single pane format, but have you ever wanted to create a re-occuring character? Say a lonely trombonist standing on the corner, taking requests?

  2. Congrats on the good press! I think so much of success is just persistence and work and taking that occasional chance. You illustrated that very well.

    Sadly, you forgot to mention MY influence on your work!

  3. Fontessa, good to see you again!

    I'm not much for recurring characters. I've tried a few strip submissions and nothing ever really took.

    However, if you look at my cartoons there's probably only about 10 or so different people. There's the bald guy, the wavy haired guy, the curly haired woman, the straight haired woman…

    None have definite personalities, or even names for tha matter, but I have a small "cast" I suppose that shows up for most of my stuff.

  4. Hey Mikey! And congrats on the Fies mention!

    I gotta read that sometime soon.

    As for your influence, I'm still trying to get it out of my carpeting after your last visit.

    (I have no idea what that means, but it sounded dirty.)

  5. Well it makes sense that you would have a stock cast of characters to draw upon; I had not picked up on that. What I like best about your cartoons is the good-naturedness of them, and they are handsomely cartoonish too 🙂 I can't abide an ugly character.

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