The Evolution of My Signature

Mike Lynch & I were talking the other day about Mort Drucker, and I mentioned that I’ve always loved his signature:


I remember being a kid admiring Drucker’s work in Mad and thinking how cool those three lines for the “M” were (and are).

So, I dug into the archives and found various incarnations of my own signature. You can even see me copying Drucker a bit…

Here’s one from when I worked on my high school newspaper (1985):


And here’s the cartoon it came from (click the cartoon to enlarge it):


Another from high school, circa 1986:


And the cartoon:


Another high school signature from 1987:


And its corresponding cartoon:


And here we jump quite a bit. I studied to be, and worked as a trombonist for about 10 years, worked some day jobs, etc… And then I got back into cartooning.

This is from 1998 (I think…):


You can see the cartoon it came from here

I changed to this, my current and probably final version, around 2002 or so:


I have thought over the years to changing my signature to “Andertoons” to help drive traffic to the site, but, honestly, this is probably the end of the line.

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5 thoughts on “The Evolution of My Signature”

  1. haha great post Mark. I've had some shocking signatures in previous times too – I notice that there are a few people around using the old "Mort – M and E" – I think Tom Richmond uses the M and the N in Richmond from memory. It's a pretty cool style. Go see Tom's new site. It's at – amazing stuff.

  2. Tom's stuff is amazing, and the site is prett yneat at first, but those all Flash sites tire me out fast. Sometimes I just want a menu, you know?

    And I'll be posting more of my early crap soon! Hoo-boy!

  3. Another amazing coincidence: your '98 signature uses the same gimmick I use with my signature (just with more letters.)

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