Gummy Miles (Hobo #186)

So after an hour and half of driving back and forth to the zoo with the kids, and a few hours walking around the zoo with the kids, I can’t say I was dying to get down to any real work this afternoon.

Enter 700 hoboes!

What is/are 700 hoboes you ask? John Hodgman started it, Mark Frauenfelder had an idea, and, well, a bunch of people looking to waste some time started drawing.

You can learn more at E-Hobo!

Anyway, I took it upon myself to create hobo #186, Gummy Miles:


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3 thoughts on “Gummy Miles (Hobo #186)”

  1. I am nothing if not easily distracted. (BTW, those are supposed to be his gums. See why I don't get the big illustration gigs?)

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