Good News (Worth The Wait…)

OK, so I haven’t exactly been the paragon of blog update virtue as of late, but this time I have a really good reason. A couple, actually…

The Anderson family is expecting again! (Feel free to dance vicariously. I’ll wait…)

Yep, as my college roommate put it, I got another one past the goalie! We’re thrilled, and as a result, we’re trying to sell our starter home and find something bigger for the kids to destroy. (I told you I was busy.)

Our families and we have been getting the house ready to sell at a breakneck pace. Painting, planting, cleaning… It’s been like an Amish barn raising!

Check it out…

Not bad, eh?

Anyway, I thought you deserved an explanation. I should be more or less back into a normal schedule this week. Thanks for hanging in there!

3 thoughts on “Good News (Worth The Wait…)”

  1. Congratulations to you and Margie! Let's see: a new arrival, painting & fixing up the old place, moving to a new place, painting & fixing up the new place — yep, you'll have little time to actually draw and send out cartoons! Now's my chance to get ahead! Bwaaah ha ha!

    — Mean Ol' Mike

    PS You gonna link to your page or what?

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