Sesame Street Art By My Daughter

My 5-year-old daughter loves this old set of Sesame Street books that we have around the house. Loves them.

So today while I was upstairs getting another Mountain Dew I noticed she had one out and was busily coloring.

sesame 1

I leaned in to make sure whe wasn’t coloring in the book and was pleasantly surprised to see this:

sesame 2

Not bad huh? I think she might have a few of Dad’s artsy genes. (Insert fatherly beaming smile here.)

Kids Art

We just finished some family cartoon time (AKA Daddy has a tight deadline and needs the kids occupied so he can work time), and I promised the wee ones I’d post their art on my blog.

Bonnie (2 years old) worked on this one for a good hour and 15 minutes:


And Henry (5 years old) drew three Batman themed comics:




My favorite part of the whole experience? Henry just came in as I was writing this and said “Hey Dad, has anyone bought mine yet?”

That’s my boy!

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