Cartoon Fetus’ Creator Riles Crowd

This from Boston:

The syndicated cartoonist and creator of “Umbert the Unborn,” a comic strip about an opinionated fetus, was among the featured speakers at the 19th annual Massachusetts Citizens For Life’s Respect Life Walk to Aid Mothers & Children, held on yesterday Boston Common.

Passing out signs such as, “Save future Red Sox fans. Stop abortion,” and “Bostonians give the best womb service,” Cangemi, whose father hailed from South Boston, bolstered a crowd of a few hundred to march past an abortion-rights contingent of a few dozen.

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Artist Remixes Old Archie Comics

Danny O uses Scotch tape to create new art (see above trumpet) from old Archie comics. Why Archie?

“For one, it’s an icon in itself, but deconstructing the icon, I like that. “Batman” is too realistic, everything is drawn. The Archies has this very jovial line work. … A friend of mine, this guy Scooter, turned me on to the Archies comics, and now he gets me the vintage 30-year-old comics because the inks lift so well.”

I submit that only a guy named Scooter (or Dan DeCarlo) can turn you on to Archie comics.