Best Mailbox Yet!

Yes, grab some pretzels and a Shasta ’cause it’s time for more Andertoons mailbox!

(Note – Names have not been included, but the quotes themselves are exactly what I received, minus the bold formatting.)

hello how are u i am fine

also fine c ya

hello u have great cartoons, you are very talinted. your cartoons are funny and set the right example toward others, from ur 13 year old friend

Honestly, this is a nice change of pace. I’m not sure even I would follow my example, but thanks for the kudos.

I was wondering if you took advertisements on your blog site. My agency represents the New Yorker and would like to perhaps put up some banner ads on your site. When you get a chance let me know if you accept ads, and if so what the pricing is like. Thanks!

OK, this has gotta be a combination of the most flattering and most ironic email I’ve gotten thus far.

The New Yorker has never been wild about my cartoons, in fact they hardly ever even bother to send a rejection, (Wait, maybe they’ve all been published and there’s some bookkeeping snafu! Note to self: check back issues…) so the prospect of them ponying up some cash is attractive, but then again, this is a chance to reject The New Yorker! I mean how many cartoonists are given this opportunity!?

After a few days, some emails back and forth, and close examination with my monocle, I’ve decided to decline their offer.

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