Comics’ “Low Culture”

Mark Luce’s review of The Complete Calvin and Hobbes in today’s Kansas City Star is pretty much your standard "huge book" "groundbreaking strip" "timeless classic" blah blah blah that I’m assuming most reviewers are filling their respective papers with lately.

And it’s all true.  I dare you to find a cartoonist who doesn’t adore and admire Watterson’s transcendent achievement.  And I’m thrilled to see the complete collection so lovingly realized.

But what struck me in this particular review was this quote:

"Watterson uses the lowest of culture (comics) for decidedly intellectual dialogue."

Well crap…  Low culture.  Had I known that I’d have never gotten into cartooning!  Someone better tell The New Yorker they’ve been had.

You know I could rant for pages about this, but I’m gonna sum it all up with my own low culture; Hey, Luce!  Kiss my ass!

(BTW, should you agree, drop him a line…)

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